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  1. In the WCM space you’ll find people into electronics, CNC, 3D Printing, embedded software, metal working, music, art, video, CAD, electric cars and much more. We've found that having such people pursuing their interests in close proximity to one another leads to increased productivity, personal satisfaction and some amazing collaborative projects. We hope you’ll come be a part it. - Perth, WA

West Coast Makers

by Dwayne at 9:57 AM
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Hi Guys, well it has been mighty quiet around here lately, with not a lot of progress in the management/setup of the maker space. Saying that we did attend a sweet little pop up maker space event put on by the guys at Enkel in Fremantle. The event was held over two days and saw children solder up some cool LED name plates and the adults play around with the 3Dprinters and scanners. A big thanks to Clarky and Andrew for carrying the WCM brand through the weekend. (Sorry if I missed anyone! I know a few others got in on the action!)

So where to now? Well at the moment I have limited time and space to keep moving forward at this stage. I am hoping to free up some time to continue the work we put in last year, however it is not looking good at this stage. If you want to volunteer your services to help push forward with the Idea/concept then please put your hand up and help us progress.

by Dwayne at 8:24 PM
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OK were going to run the next meetup down at PK's new workshop! Unfortunately I did not get my sh*t together sooner and have had to schedule it for this weekend! (23rd Feb). The good news however is that we will put a BBQ on and some beers. Bring your projects and your mates. Hopefully we will see you down there. Don't be shy!